Professional Carpet Cleaning vs. Renting Equipment

DIY Carpet Cleaning Rentals vs. Professional Carpet Cleaning

Nowadays, it’s becoming more and more popular to do-it-yourself. Learning new skills and working on your home can be fun, interesting, and exciting—but there are some tasks that should be left to the pros. When it comes to carpet cleaning, DIY can come up short. This article will explain the differences between DIY carpet cleaning rentals vs. professional carpet cleaning and why, in this case, you should pass the baton.

DIY vs. Pro: What’s the Difference?

When you hear the phrase “carpet cleaning”, one of two things probably comes to mind. You might think of a machine that you rent from the hardware store, complete with a jug of soapy shampoo, to thoroughly soak your carpets and scrub up stains. Or, you might think of a carpet cleaning professional, equipped with high-quality equipment, hired to get the job done for you.

While both of these things are technically “carpet cleaning”, they are definitely not the same. Carpet cleaner rentals offer a cheaper solution to clean your floors using mid-level equipment and, while they can get results, they have some serious pitfalls. Below, we’ll go over a bit more about each type and why professional cleaning is a more reliable choice.

Reasons to Go Pro

There are lots of home improvement projects that are fun to do yourself—and plenty you want done by a professional. Here are some of the reasons to go pro when you clean your carpets:

#1. Warranty

One of the most important reasons to hire a professional to clean your carpet is due to the warranty. Many people don’t realize that their flooring warranty requires professional cleaning. If you end up needing to file a claim, the manufacturer usually requires cleaning records—and a receipt from the rental place isn’t going to cut it.

#2. Moisture

The next reason you might want to avoid rental carpet cleaners is because of the moisture. Rental cleaners use a shampooing technique to clean. This technique saturates the carpet with water and soap and sucks the moisture back up. While much of the liquid ends up back in the machine, a lot of it stays in the carpet, resulting in a damp carpet that takes hours—sometimes even days—to dry. This dampness opens the door for mildew and mold formation, often the exact thing you were trying to get out.

In contrast, professional carpet cleaners use a variety of techniques to clean. From dry cleaning to steam and shampoo, their machines deliver a better clean that leaves less moisture behind. Drying times are much faster and less likely to leave you with mildew. 

#3. Staining

Carpet shampoos are strong chemicals—and they can sometimes have interactions with the carpet fibers. Shampoos usually come with a warning to test on a hidden area of the carpet to make sure they don’t stain, but homeowners are often too busy (or time crunched) do it. And, without warranty coverage, there isn’t much you can do with a stain that might show up.

In contrast, professionals have years of experience behind them. Many professionals carry liability insurance, so if damage does happen, you can be reimbursed.

#4. Effectiveness

Rental carpet cleaners are less effective at cleaning carpets than professional grade machinery. Rentals use a lower standard with cleaners that are less effective at getting out dirt and stains. That means that, despite the time you spend, you might end up with a floor less clean than you had hoped.

#5. Cost

Finally, professional cleaning is ultimately more cost effective. Rentals may seem like a more affordable option at first. However, the lower quality of cleaning means you risk more money spent on spot cleaners, fans to dry out mildew-y spots, and follow up cleaning. When you hire a professional, you also free up time to spend working on other chores, household tasks—or just enjoying some time to yourself.

Final Thoughts: The Professionals Are Worth It

In the end, getting a professional to clean your carpets is a better choice than the rental. Even if you do everything right, the risk of getting it wrong isn’t worth it—especially if your warranty won’t cover the damage. Professionals bring a high-quality clean to your home without any extra work for you.

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