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S&G Carpet and More is your trusted Northern California flooring sales and installation provider—we’re also Sacramento’s leading Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing service provider. We’ve delivered outstanding flooring service to the Sacramento area for over 70 years—always with a smile. 

As flooring experts, we know how to get your tiles and grout clean, and ensure they stay clean longer with preventative measures that work. Our service packages are comprehensive, so there’s you’ll never get the pressure of up-sells, just real service you’ll love from a reliable local flooring business. 

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The Best Tile Cleaning for Your Home

Tile demands more cleaning and maintenance than most people realize. Unfortunately, companies sometimes tell people they can wipe a mop or sponge over them and be done. The truth is, tile—and grout especially—require work to clean. Grout combines cement, water and aggregates. It’s porous, so will trap dirt, soap, and almost anything else that comes into contact with the surface. That leads to bacteria build-up, foul odors, and discoloration. Fortunately, it can be cleaned with the right knowledge and tools. 

At S&G Carpet, we’re experts in cleaning tile and grout so they look practically new. We go way beyond a mop to flush bacteria, grease, dirt and more from the tile and the porous grout. With a state-of-the-art, truck-mounted hot water cleaning system, we can direct immense pressure and cleaning power directly into the worst areas. You’ll enjoy like-new tiles and grout after we’re finished. A convenient sealer will help keep your floors clean long after we’ve gone.

Trusted Tile & Grout Cleaning and Sealing Experts

As a local business, we’ve built our solid reputation for trustworthy service and excellent work over 70 years of helping valued customers, like you. Expect to receive friendly help, straightforward communication about what we can help with, how we’ll help you, and a clear estimate. We promise, we’ll never pull a bait-and-switch or leave you with subpar results. Guaranteed.

Our Proven Tile Cleaning System Guarantees Like-New Results

Your full satisfaction is our priority. To ensure we meet your expectations, we’ve perfected our tile and grout cleaning process for Sacramento homeowners. You’ll know we’ve arrived by our branded van and uniformed technicians—every one has passed background and drug screenings and are IICRC Certified. We’ll be on time, courteous, and professional.  

Step 1: Inspection

Take us on a walk-through of the tiled areas you would like us to clean. We’ll keep an eye out for damaged tile and grout, too (which might need to be repaired to avoid further damage). 

Every time you invite us into your home, we’ll treat it with respect—before, during and after the job. We’ll take steps to protect your space and ensure nothing is damaged during our service. That means using furnituer coverings, booties, and more.  

Step 2: Tile and Grout Pre-treatment

Using a mild alkaline solution (no harmful fumes), we’ll break up the grease, dirt and other pollutants in the grout and on tiles. Any scent will disappear within minutes with ordinary ventilation. As needed, a gentle and safe acid can help pick up stubborn stains. 

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Step 3: Pre-spray Agitation and Cleaning

We’ll use a grout brush to agitate the pre-treatment for full effectiveness. 

Step 4: Rinse Tile and Grout

With our advanced, truck-mounted machine, designed for tile and grout, we use strongly pressurized hot water to rinse away the pre-spray. It goes deeper to flush grime from the porous tile and grout. The 200 ºF water blast at 800 – 1,200 P.S.I. removes stains along with dangerous bacteria. A powerful vacuum disk helps to concentrate the water pressure inside a 16-inch-diameter space to maximize cleaning power (and suck up the pressurized water, and dirt, to a containment tank outside). Stains like mustard and red wine dye the grout, so cannot be removed. 

Step 5: Grout Sealing

To help keep your porous tile and grout clean (and last longer), we’ll apply a sealant to keep out dirt, fluids, and other contaminants. This will not change the tile or grout’s appearance (other than renewing its beauty). 

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We’ll maintain records of our service to you to simplify future calls and improve our service. We’re IICRC Certified, use advanced cleaning technology, and deliver excellent customer service. Call us today for service throughout Northern California.