Essential Tips On Cleaning Up After Pets

Pets are wonderful companions in life but they can be a carpet’s worst enemy. That’s why it’s so important that you plan for pets when choosing your carpet and take proper care of it in your home. Whether you have dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, guinea pigs or almost any other pet, these tips will help you take good care of your carpets when you have pets.

Professional Cleaning

When it comes to pet messes on your floors, especially in your carpets, it’s critical that you use the right cleaning methods for the mess and the floor. If you make a mistake here, it could cost the replacement of your carpeting. Professional carpet cleaners are experts at this job. If you have a pet stain in your carpet, call a professional to clean it for you. They’ll know exactly what to do, including the steps to take, in the right order, to ensure your floor has the best chance of looking like new. Whether it’s a big mess or big problem area, professional techniques are the best option to care for your home’s carpeting. They bring the expertise and necessary tools to get the job done right and quickly. 

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Stain-Blocking Primers

In addition to cleaning, your professional carpet cleaner can take extra steps to protect your carpet. First, they’ll apply odor counteractant and neutralizers to the stains. This step traps the odor and breaks down the alkaline salts. Next, they’ll use a water claw to extract urine from the carpet and from the sub-surface. The final priming step before standard cleaning of the carpet is to apply a sanitizer and deodorizer to remove more odor and neutralize bacteria.

Use the Right Cleaners

This is another area where professional carpet cleaners will help you. Many cleaners on the market don’t contain the necessary ingredients to fully clean pet stains from your carpet. Pet-specific cleaners, unlike most cleaners, contain enzymes that break down urine crystals to lift the scent and the stain right out of your flooring. These cleaners, used by floor cleaning professionals, can remove pet stains and other problems ranging from dog odor and vomit to cat urine and feces. An additional risk of using ineffective pet cleaners is that you could worsen the stain or even damage your flooring. 

Pet-Friendly and Pet-Proof Carpets

Fortunately for pet owners, there are now pet-friendly and pet-proof carpets and flooring options available as an alternative to frequent cleaning. These amazing flooring options, like Mohawk brand’s SmartStrand Forever Clean and Shaw brand carpets featuring R2X Stain and Soil Resistance protection, will help you keep your floors looking fresh. They’ll help you avoid frequent cleanings by protecting your floors from stains in the first place.

It’s important to take special care of your carpets to ensure they last and continue to provide you (and your pets) with the comfort and interior style you love. These tips will help you achieve that goal. 

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